Saturday, August 18, 2012

Predictions for 2100 AD

If no major catastrophic event occurs over the next couple of centuries, in my opinion, this is in store for us in 2100 AD.

Poverty has been eliminated from the world. Every kid is born into a world where he/she is assured a fair shot at a happy life.

Medical technology would have advanced enough to stop if not reverse aging.

We have the technology to alter our genes to increase our physical and mental strength.

A complete accurate simulation model of the human biology exists. This means new medicines could be instantly tested on these virtual humans and released into markets overnight. Thus avoiding the lengthy 5 year wait that exists today.

For sporting/adventure purposes we have special suits that give us super human strength. You could probably flatten a full grown elephant with a single punch when wearing that suit.

Surgeries are performed by microscopic tiny remotely controlled robots that are released into a person's blood stream. These tiny robots could be carried around in a container in your pocket. As soon as you hurt yourself, you inject these into your body. These robots scurry through your body looking for abnormalities. Having found one, they communicate with their nearest command center. Then a super computer analyzes their findings and tells them how to fix it. If the robots lack the material to fix it, depending on the urgency of the situation, tiny flying robots are dispatched to the site, that deliver the required material.

Scientists have figured out how to take a snapshot of the electrical signals in a person's brain and back it onto external drives. This gives the ability to restore a person's memory to a point back in time.

Virtual reality becomes indistinguishable from the real world. What is shown in the movie "The Thirteenth Floor"  is not fiction anymore.

Extensive underground magnetic levitation railway network can transport you to any part of the world in a fraction of the time taken today. You could travel from New York to Hong Kong in 20 minutes. These trains are controlled and managed by network of quantum computers with 100% track record of safety. Sitting through hours of traffic jams is a thing of the unimaginable past.

The boundaries between different countries have become more and more blurred. People can easily travel to and live in any part of the world. We have turned into a truly global society. We have finally come to realize that we can either work together to colonize the infinite universe with infinite resources or kill each other for peanuts on earth.

We have learned to harvest the energy of nuclear fusion. We have also started mining asteroids for minerals. We have an abundant supply of energy and resources. Owning just one house is now considered as extreme poverty.

We have automated machines controlled by a network of quantum super computers doing most our jobs.  From keeping our homes and offices clean, to delivering mail, to the manufacturing jobs, they take care of everything that can be automated. Since robots do most of our jobs, 6 months of vacation is a norm.

Space tourism has become very popular. You might celebrate your marriage anniversary on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons)  and birthday on Mars.

An Advanced alien civilization has been confirmed in a planet within our galaxy. We have sent our space probes to study them in detail. The probes are expected to reach there in 50,000 years. We are eagerly waiting for images and videos to be transmitted back to earth.

People have been living on Mars for more than fifty years. That is a story of the past. Now humans are looking to colonize habitable planets around distant stars within our Milky way galaxy. In fact many spaceships with humans have already been dispatched towards multiple distant stars with habitable planets. Who knows what would become of their descendants a few million years from now. How different they will become?