Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is all future destiny?

All matter is ultimately composed of atoms (which in turn is composed of sub atomic particles, which in turn is a concentrated form of energy). Humans like anything else is a configuration of atoms.  Everything we do, is the atoms in us following laws of physics. You keep two oxygen atoms together, they combine to form O2. You introduce some other atom into the picture, there would some preset predictable interaction there too. Put many of them together in a particular order, they form single celled living organism. Every single thing we do, including me typing is an interaction of the tiniest building blocks of matter and pure energy. All our future including who you would meet tomorrow and where you will go is probably preset based on laws of inter atomic interactions.  Good and bad can be thought of as a formation of atoms in our brain (so called perception) due to an interaction with the  atoms/energy outside the brain.

If everything is purely inter atomic/energy interaction, then all future is destiny.

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