Saturday, December 1, 2012

The ways our world could end tomorrow

These are the most likely scenarios that could happen

1>A proxy war between the world powers escalates into a full blown nuclear war . Neither side is willing to back down. The war doesn't stop until near total annihilation of both sides. Regardless of whether a nuclear bomb is dropped on your country or not, the nuclear fall out of  a war on such a scale, will affect the entire world. All future generations would be born with genetic defects. This could lead to the eventual loss of intelligence and the dying out of the entire human species. The whole process could take less than a few hundred years.

2>If a flu virus with the survival instinct of HIV emerges, such that it keeps the host healthy and oblivious long enough to be able to transmit but not too long, it is just a matter of few years that most humans get wiped out. How ever such a scenario may not lead to the total destruction of humans. There are un contacted tribes of people (Sentinelese people for example). Due to their isolation from mainland humans, they might survive such an event. (It is possible that the existing humans today survived such an event 70,000 years ago)

3>Eruption of the super volcano in yellowstone national park.  This super volcano which spans the area of the whole yellow stone national park, has a history of erupting every 600,000 years or so. The last one was around 640,000 years ago. According to the scientists the next eruption is already overdue. This could even be tomorrow! If this happens, most of North America would be wiped out. The resulting ash and debris released into the air by this unimaginably gigantic volcano, would block out the sun for the entire planet. This would lead to destruction of harvest and a global cooling of about 10 degree Celsius. Mankind would survive but the world wouldn't the same anymore.

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