Friday, June 28, 2013

What happened to Atlantis Island?

People of Atlantis found out that everything all life does comes down to interaction between the tiniest particles of matter. For example, you put 2 hydrogen and one oxygen atom together, you get a water molecule. You put two water molecules together, surface tension attracts them to each other. Once they realized that nothing anyone does is in anyone's control and the entire future is guaranteed to take one particular path, they lost all hope in life. Then they decided that future humans should not find this out. To prevent that from happening, they altered the state in a way that humans stay preoccupied fighting each other. Once that happens we will be too distracted to realize this unfortunate fact of the universe. The invention of religion was also for the same reason, to prevent losing hope.

Once the people of Atlantis did what they had to, they removed all traces of their existence and then assimilated with the other humans who were not a part of the advanced Atlantis. However one thing the people of Atlantis didn't realize is that, all living creatures store some information in an encoded form in their DNA. That's the reason we sometimes know something even though we don't know why we know it.

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