Sunday, July 19, 2015

Is chaos a necessary evil?

When I was 16 I learnt the periodic table in school. I learned about protons and electrons and neutrons. I found out that knocking protons out from the nucleus actually changes the element. Every atom interacts with the adjacent atom in a consistent way. Which is what leads to inter atomic bonds and molecules. Once that realization set in I felt like we have no control over anything. Its all physics. Everything in this universe is a macroscopic representation of the microscopic interactions. For a period of life after that, I lost all interest in everything. But then gradually other practical things in life started distracting me from this realization. There were people who were mean to me, which lead me into an introspection on, how can I avoid this from happening again in future. There were things I envied, but couldn't have. I felt the world was a mean place where the powerful always had their way. I eventually developed this dream of seeing a united world exploring space. I felt if I could work towards that goal, that would be a meaningful life. Then one fine day I read another article on how the entire world could actually be a hologram. This was not a novice speculation, but an article reviewed by scientists. This thought had crossed my mind, like many other people, before. But it was never legitimized by scientists. Could it be true that we are all in a simulation? None of this is real? Then it suddenly struck me that all my problems and hurdles in life keeps me distracted from bigger potentially depressing truths. Is this true for all humans? Would we all go insane if we had a perfect trouble free life? 

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